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Muchas gracias por visitar mi web.
"Mirar, fotografiar un paisaje bello es un poco como escuchar música o leer poesía, ayuda a vivir."
Marc Riboud
Thank you for visiting my web.
"Look, photographing a beautiful landscape it´s like listenig to music or read a poetry, helps to live"
Marc Riboud

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Created 14-May-16
Modified 14-May-16

Paisajes Diversos / Different Landscapes

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66 photos
Created 11-May-16
Modified 11-May-16
Paisajes Diversos / Different Landscapes

El Mar / The Sea

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63 photos
Created 12-Mar-16
Modified 12-Mar-16
El Mar / The Sea

Noruega (Islas Lofoten)

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24 photos
Created 23-Nov-15
Modified 23-Nov-15
Noruega (Islas Lofoten)

Rios y Arroyos / Rivers and Streams

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14 photos
Created 9-Nov-15
Modified 9-Nov-15
Rios y Arroyos / Rivers and Streams

La Noche / The Night

Visitors 1376
33 photos
Created 14-Sep-15
Modified 14-Sep-15
La Noche / The Night


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9 photos
Created 12-Dec-14
Modified 12-Dec-14

Austria y Alemania

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23 photos
Created 1-Dec-14
Modified 1-Dec-14
Austria y Alemania

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